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Hindustani Ragas

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List of Hindustani Classical ragas

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 3:40 AM


S.No. Raga Swaras

1 Abhogi Kanada Ga Komal,Baki Shudh

2 Adana

3 Ahir Bhairav Re Ni Komal,Baki Shudh

4 Alhaiya Bilaval

5 Asaveri

6 Bageshri Ga Ni Komal,Baki Shudh

7 Bahar Ga Komal,Dono Ni Baki Shudh

8 Basant Re Dha Komal,Baki Shudh

9 Bhairav Re Dha Komal,Baki Shudh

10 Bhairavi ReGaDhaNi Komal,Baki Shudh

11 Bhatiyar Re Komal ,Baki Shudh

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About Kirana Gharana

Posted on January 17, 2016 at 4:55 AM

Kirana Gharana is one of the most prolific Hindustani khyal gharanas.,[1] and is concerned foremost with perfect intonation of notes (swara).

The central concern of the Kirana style is swara, or individual notes, in particular precise tuning and expression of notes. In the Kirana Gayaki, the individual notes (swaras) of the raga are considered not just random points in the scale but independent realms of music capable of horizontal expansion. Highly emotional pukars in ...

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